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It was a conversation between siblings of how we can impact the World by reviving the image of Strong Individuals and giving modeling a purpose .

At Blunt Creatives we represent Models with a Voice , a voice is most important for the youth of India and the World . 
We are an inclusive agency with models from all over the World, ethnicity and diversity . 


BLUNT CREATIVES has also been awarded with the DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM DEDICATION AWARD 2020 for the remarkable work in the field of Fashion.

We are an agency that believes in celebrating beauty without barriers .

We are here to bring you the best in the Industry with a Voice and  Purpose to invigorate the Image of People of Color in India and the world

Quickly, the three of them realized they had to step up and pursue their vision using their knowledge, experience and contacts, achieved throughout the years of their international careers as models and managers. They were then able to reunite and build up a highly qualified team that combines experience inside the industry, financial expertise and ambition, always targeting the future.

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